SHUANGJIA Machinery Successfully Registered 4 Trademarks

2022-05-08 09:49:16 Tablet press 432434420

SHUANGJIA Machinery mainly produces anti-corrosion chemical equipment, which mainly are anti-corrosion tablet press, anti-corrosion mixer, packaging machine, drying equipment, chemical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and so on. 

The equipment is exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world. TCCA and SDIC tablet presses are our company's patented machines. At present, major large TCCA factories in the world use our company's ZPS100-10C anti-corrosion tablet press to manufacture 200GR TCCA tablets. Two-layer TCCA tablets are made using a model GS1200-15 two-layer tablet press. 

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SHUANGJIA Machinery has successfully registered the trademarks "ZPS", "SHUANGJIA" and "泷嘉" through the State Trademark Administration of China, and it is now put into formal use.