• Five Large Tablet Press Patents were Approved and Authorized

    In the research and development and application of anti-corrosion chemical equipment, our company has continuously increased research and development efforts, invested in new intelligent application new technology, summarized the performance characteristics of existing equipment, launched a new intelligent anti-corrosion large-scale tablet press, which is widely used in TCCA tablet, SDIC tablet, calcium chloride, carbon block, veterinary medicine tablet and other fields, and obtained the majority of users' praise.

    2023-05-19 China Tablet Press 532523536

  • Our Company's Large Chemical Powder Tablet Press Has Obtained a Patent Authorization Letter

    Chemical Powder Tablet Press,Recently, our large-scale chemical powder tablet press has obtained patent authorization, certificate number: 7960404, authorization announcement number: CN 307941418S.

    2023-03-31 Tablet Press 999966604

  • Two TCCA Anticorrosive Tablet Presses Complete the Test

    These two machines are ZPS100 series and ZPS120 series respectively. ZPS100 series can press TCCA tablets with a diameter of 76mm and a weight of 135g. ZPS120 series can press TCCA tablets with a diameter of 90mm and a weight of 500g.

    2022-09-24 TCCA tablet press 2147483647

  • Six Units TCCA Anti-corrosion Tablet Presses are Shipping to the United States

    This customer purchased 6 TCCA anti-corrosion tablet presses from us for the second time, including 4 sets of 200g TCCA anti-corrosion tablet presses and 2 sets of 20g TCCA anti-corrosion tablet presses.

    2022-06-29 TCCA Anti-corrosion Tablet Presses 43214373

  • SHUANGJIA Machinery Successfully Registered 4 Trademarks

    SHUANGJIA Machinery mainly produces anti-corrosion chemical equipment, which mainly are anti-corrosion tablet press, anti-corrosion mixer, packaging machine, drying equipment, chemical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and so on.

    2022-05-08 Tablet press 432434413

  • China's Large TCCA Production Base Purchased 8 Tablet Presses from us

    Products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Asia and other countries and regions. High quality products and good services are highly praised by users at home and abroad.

    2022-03-18 China tablet press 42222316

  • Complete the Delivery of Two Unit Bath Bomb Tablet Presses

    Bath bomb, also known as bath fizzer, is a popular product at home and abroad recently. It has many benefits such as exfoliation, whitening, skin care, and more. Because it contains carbonic acid, there will be bubbles in the water.

    2022-02-08 chinatalbetpress 885695

  • ZPS100-15 Tablet Press Enters the European Market

    ZPS100-15 tablet press is an anti-corrosive double-layer tablet press. It is a large-scale tablet press specially developed by our company for European users to produce double-layer tablets, which can produce double-layer tablets with a diameter between 40-90mm. It is equipped with PLC control, automatic lubrication system, safety control system. The machine has passed CE certification and ISO 9001 certification.

    2021-12-20 Tablet press 3284967

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