250g Tablet Press Delivered to European User

2023-11-15 11:21:00 China Tablet press 42141440

The second batch of 250g large anti-corrosion tablet press was delivered to European customers.

In recent years, 250g TCCA tablets have been very popular with many customers in Europe. Many customers bought 250g large anti-corrosion tablet press on the basis of 200g large anti-corrosion tablet press. This model is upgraded and improved on the basis of 200g tablet press. More stable operation, more advanced PLC control system. This machine can not only produce 200g and 250g single-layer TCCA/SDIC tablets, but also 250g double-layer tablets, which is the first choice of many customers.

If you want to order this machine, please send an email to nancy@chinatabletpress.net.

200GR TCCA Tablet press