ZPS 9B Rotary Tablet Press

ZP 9B rotary tablet press is a miniaturized tablet press, which is mainly used in small-scale tablet production and technology research in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, electronics and other industrial sectors.

ZPS 9B Rotary Tablet Press

The application of ZPS 9B Rotary Tablet Press :

1. ZPS 9B Rotary Tablet Press is a small tablet press for small scale production and technical study in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electronics industries. ZPS 9B Rotary Tablet Press serves as an important equipment to make sure whether the raw materials can be pressed into tablets.

2. ZPS 9B Rotary Tablet Press conforms with GMP's requirements.

3. ZPS 9B Tablet Press applies to the pressing of raw materials with less than 10% powder content.

4. ZPS 9B Tablet Press is suitable for pressing tablets ( 5-20mm ) in rounded and irregular shapes with characters.

5. ZPS 9B Rotary Tablet Press is not suitable for pressing semisolid, wet particles, hygroscopic & low-melting-point materials and powders.

Technical Parameters

Number of Dies: 9 set

Max. Working Pressure: 60 KN

Max. Dia. of Tablet : 20mm

Max. Thickness of Tablet: 6 mm

Max. Depth of Filling: 15 mm

Max. Production Capacity: 17280 pc/h

Working Diameter of the Turntable: 200 mm

Turntable Speed: 0-32 r/min

Dia. of middle mould: 26 mm

Height of middle mould: 22 mm

Diameter of up and down punch pole : 22 mm

Length of up and down punch pole: 115 mm

Overall Size(L*W*H): 750*550*1100 mm

Net Weight: 350 kg

Main Motor Power : 2.2 kw

Voltage: 220-380 v

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Pharmaceutical tablet press is a kind of pharmaceutical machinery used in pharmacutical industry.  Pharmaceutical tablet press conforms with GMP standards. Pharmaceutical tablet press is suitable for producing round and irregular shapes of pills and tablets. Pharmaceutical tablet press is easy to operate and maintain.

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