ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Anti-corrosion Tablet Press

ZP100-10B large rotary anti-corrosion tablet press. Chemical powder tablet press is mainly used for chemical powder, bath salt, water purification salt and other corrosive powder pressing and shaping. Rotary automatic anti-corrosion tablet press is used for pressing salt, industrial salt and other corrosive materials.( It can press 200g,150g,TCCA tablets)

ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press (It is suitable to produce 150g, 200g chemical tablets)

Application of ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press

ZPS100-10B Tablet Press is a rotary tablet press for continuous production. ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press is mainly used to press the big-diameter disinfection tablets, such as chlorine, bromine, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, cyanuric acid, chlorine dioxide and other chemical tablets. ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press can also be used to press electronics, medicine, foodstuff, ceramic granule and powder materials. By changing the moulds, ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press also can press annular, spherical and irregular shaped tablets as well as tablets with characters, logos and figures. 

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Features of ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press

1. The mechanical drive part of ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press is separated from the tablet-pressing room in order to prevent the materials from pollution when they are pressed.

2. The tablet-pressing room is totally enlcosed by organic glass. Operators can clearly watch the process of pressing tablets. The organic glass can prevent the dust contamination during the process of tabletting.

3.ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press's turntable is studded with anti-corrosive titanium alloy plates and its material-supply tube, upper and down punch, middle moulds are made of titanium alloy.

4. ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press is equipped with a prepressing wheel. The prepressing pressure is 200KN. which is able to improve the quality of tablets.

5. ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press adopts a structure with 4-pillars, which is steadier than 3-pillars so the machine can be operated smoothly.

6. The main motor is controlled by frequency converter. The rotation speed can be adjusted within an allowable range according to practical production.

7. ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press is equipped with spraying devices for demoulding agent. It is suitable to press materials which is viscous or hard to be demoulded.


Technical Parameter of ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press

Max working pressure: 1000KN

Max prepressing pressure: 200KN

Max diameter of tablet: φ80mm

Max thickness of tablet: 28mm

Max depth of filling: 60mm

Dies: 10 sets

Max production capacity: 6000pcs/h

Rotation Speed: 0~10 r/min

Outer diameter of middle mould: φ90mm

Height of middle mould: 70mm

Diamer of upper & down punch : φ80 mm

Motor power: 22kw

Power supply: 380V/50&60 Hz

Machine Weight: 7500kg

Machine overall size: 1700*1280*2240mm (not including hopper)

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TCCA tablet press can be used for pressing TCCA, SDIC, chemical powder, bath salt, water purification salt and other corrosive powders. TCCA tablet press is made of anti-corrosion materials. TCCA tablet press are mainly used in chemical, food and medicine industries. TCCA tablet press has high precision, reliable performance, stable pressure, high yield.

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