150g Chlorine Tablet, 150g TCCA Tablet, 150g SDIC Tablet Production Equipment: ZPS50-11C Rotary Tablet Press

2019-01-21 14:22:20

ZPS50-11C Rotary Tablet Press for Producing 150g Chlorine Tablet, 150g TCCA Tablet, 150g SDIC Tablet

The description of ZPS50-11C Rotary TCCA Tablet Press:

 Rotary TCCA Tablet Press is used to press various granular materials into round and specialized shaped tablets. ZPS50-11C Tablet Press is a basic equipment suitable for mass production. The structure of ZPS50-11C Rotary Tablet Press is double-pressure type, with two sets of feeding devices and two sets of wheels. 11 sets of punch can be installed on the turntable, and 22 pieces can be pressed by one rotation. The speed of the turntable, the filling depth of the material and the thickness of the tablets can be adjusted. The mechanical buffer device on tablet press can avoid the damage caused by overload. ZPS50-11C Rotary TCCA Tablet Press is equipped with a powder suction box. The suction nozzle can absorb the dust generated when the machine is running, and avoid the clogging of the bond, and recycle the raw materials for reuse.

The application of Rotary TCCA Tablet Press:

ZPS50-11C Rotary TCCA Tablet Press is suitable for pressing granular raw materials into round, blocky, spherical and annular tablets in foodstuff, chemical, electronics and other industries. But it is not suitable for pressing semisolid, wet particles, hygroscopic & low-melting-point materials and powder. ZPS50-11C Tablet Press conforms with the requirements of GMP. The drill drift and drift pin is a combined type. If you want to change the specification, you just need to order required drift pins.

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The operating principle and structure characteristics of ZPS50-11C Rotary TCCA Tablet Press:

1. ZPS50-11C Rotary TCCA Tablet Press is single-press tablet press equipped with 11-set moulds. The moulds are installed on the working table (also called turntable). The punch pole make up and down movement along the curve track. Pressing process is completed by up and down pinch rollers.

2. The technological process for pressing of TCCA Tablet Press is continuously material feeding, filling and pressing.

3. ZPS50-11C Tablet Press is motor-driven. The turntable rotates clockwise through a triangle belt transmission reducer.

4. The pinch rollers adopt rolling friction.Tablet Press's working pressure can be adjusted within the allowed range according to the practical requirements.

5. The tablet-pressing room is made of organic glass and it can prevent the bug dust contamination during the process of tabletting.

6. Thickness of tablets and working pressure can be adjusted by indicated direction of the hand wheel.

7. The motor is controlled by frequency converter. The rotation speed can be adjusted within an allowable range according to practical production.

8. In order to keep the electric elements clean and reliable, the electric system is separated from the main unit.

Technical Parameters:

Number of Dies: 11 set
Max. Pressure: 450KN
Max. Dia. of Tablet : 50mm
Dia. of Punch:  65mm
Depth of Filling: 60mm
Rotating speed of rotation table: 0-12r/min
Main Motor Power: 7.5kw
Max. Production Capacity: 7920pc/h
Net Weight: 3500kg
Overall Size(L*W*H): 1040*1080*2500mm

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