GS1200-A high-capacity anti-corrosion tablet press was delivered to customers.

2019-10-29 10:58:24 GS1200 Tablet Press

High-capacity GS1200-A large-scale tablet press is delivered to customers. Our newly developed high-capacity tablet press is a high-capacity tablet press jointly developed with Jiangnan University on the basis of the original ZPS100-10 series. It can produce 23,000 pieces of 200G & 300G TCCA tablets in an hour. The GS1200-A machine increased the environmental protection facilities in line with EU standards. The GS1200-A tablet press can also produce double-layer and ring-shaped tablets.

This time, the A-type machine specially designed for the production of 200G TCCA tablet will meet the needs of customers' production and meet the environmental protection requirements of the design. 

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