ZPS100-10D Tablet Press Is Under Testing and Ready To Hand Over To Sinopec

2019-04-20 10:04:59 Tablet Press

Sinopec has ordered five sets of ZPS100-10C tablet presses from our factory last year. Due to good performace of the machines and demands for increasing output, Sinopec ordered another 3 sets of ZPS100-10C tablet presses and 1 set of ZPS100-10D tablet press this year. ZPS100-10D tablet press is under testing today. ZPS100-10D tablet press will be handed over to Sinopec to produce 320g TCCA tablets after testing. ZPS100-10D tablet press is the updated version of ZPS100-10C tablet press. ZPS100-10D is capable to press 200g, 250g and 320g tablets. Such machine has strong stability and high output which is capable to produce 5400 pieces of 320g tablets or 600 pieces of 200g/250g tablets per hour.

 Tablet press

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