• A High-speed TCCA/SDIC Production Line Has Been Developed.

    GS 1200-16B Tablet Press (Double-layer tablet press) can produce double-layer tablets with an output of 11520 tablets per hour. Welcome TCCA/SDIC factories with high demand for production to visit our factory and negotiate business.

    2019-06-14 200g SDIC Tablet Press,

  • 200g & 250g TCCA Powder Forming Machine Delivered Today(SDIC tablet press)

    our company has researched and developed 300g & 350g chemical powder forming machine. We welcome customers to visit our factory. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

    2019-05-27 SDIC tablet press

  • TCCA Tablet Press of Model ZPS100-10C Handed Over to Sinopec

    ZPS100-10C large rotary anti-corrosion tablet press. Chemical powder tablet press is mainly used for chemical powder, bath salt, water purification salt and other corrosive powder pressing and shaping. Rotary automatic anti-corrosion tablet press is used for pressing salt, industrial salt and other corrosive materials.

    2019-01-22 ZPS100-10C large rotary anti-corrosion tablet press.

  • Our company has launched the high-performance ZPS27A Double-layer Tablet Press

    Double-layer Tablet Press according to different production requirements. It is widely used in the manufacturing of double-layer candy, double-layer lozenge tablets, double-layer dried milk tablets and so on.

    2019-06-04 Double-layer Tablet Press

  • Disinfection Tablet Press Has Been Delivered

    This machine has a high output of producing 130000 tablets per hour and can press round and irregular shaped tablets, which can be widely used in chemical, foodstuff, electronics and other industries.

    2019-05-16 2g disinfection tablet presses

  • ZPS100-10D Tablet Press Is Under Testing and Ready To Hand Over To Sinopec

    ZPS100-10D TCCA tablet press is mainly used for pressing large diameter of TCCA disinfection tablets, such as sodium dichloro isocyanurate, trichloroisocyanic acid chemical tablets. TCCA tablet press can also be used to press the other particles and powder materials in chemical, electronics, medical, foodstuff industries. ( It can press 200g,250g TCCA tablets)

    2019-04-20 Tablet Press

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